Host a Donation Blitz

ReStore Donation Blitz

A Donation Blitz is an opportunity for ReStore volunteers and employees to come directly to your neighborhood, church, school or business to collect donations! The Donation Blitz makes it easier than ever to donate your items as we tailor the event to your space and needs. Plus, it helps Habitat for Humanity cut down on operational costs by collecting a large amount of donations in one fell swoop. A single Blitz can raise thousands of dollars for Habitat for Humanity over the course of just a few hours! Plus, a hosting a Blitz is a great way for businesses and organizations to publicly show support for Habitat for Humanity.

How Does It Work?
We will work with your Home Owners Association, Church, School, or Business to tailor a drive specific to your space and needs. Through our combined efforts we will spread the word to your community about the Blitz. Donations to Habitat for Humanity ReStore are tax deductible with donation receipts distributed during the event.

What Kind Of Donation Blitz Is Right For My Community?

  • The Neighborhood Blitz – We will work with your Home Owner’s Association or individuals to promote our free pick-up service to your neighborhood. Participating residents register for the Blitz and our staff efficiently picks up donations from their homes.
  • The Spot Blitz – Ideal for communal spaces like businesses and churches, we partner with the organization to encourage patrons to drop off their items at a designated spot in the location. The organization may choose to have the collection go on for a week or just one day. At the end of the collection, we will come and load the donated items.

To organize a Donation Blitz, please contact Jake Brandt, MHFH Marketing & Communications Director, at 414-316-5621.