ReStore Payment & Policies

Rule #4 of ReStore Shoppers: Don’t pass up a good deal, just because you can’t bring it home right away! We’ll hold it for up to seven business days so you can arrange transportation! Just don’t forget to pick it up…

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express

Sorry, we do not accept: checks, money orders, or vouchers.

Return Policy

7 Day Appliance/Electrical Warranty
We try to test all appliances, but occasionally there are things that we can’t test. If an electrical device or appliance DOES NOT WORK, it may be returned within 7 business days for a full refund. Customer MUST return the item with the original receipt within 7 business days to qualify for a full refund.

Store Credit
All other items may be returned for store credit only. Item must be returned with the original receipt within 7 business days to qualify for a store credit.

Tax Credit
Items returned without a receipt and/or more than 7 business days after purchase can be donated back to the ReStore. The donor will receive a tax deductible donation receipt which they can use to deduct the value of the item from their income taxes.

Sold Item Storage
The ReStore will hold an item for up to 7 business days after an item is purchased in order for the customer to make transportation arrangements.

  • ReStore has very limited storage space, so ReStore reserves the right to return items to the floor if items are not picked up within 7 business days. NO refund or store credit will be issued if customer neglects to pick up their item within 7 business days. Items not picked up are considered donations and are eligible for tax deductible donation receipts only.
  • ReStore is not responsible for any damage that may occur during storage, loading, or transportation of your item.