2016 Executive Board

Amanda Co-Chair
Amanda Busche
HYP Member since: December 2012
Habitat Story: Habitat is something I became interested in through my undergrad at UWM, and I did a few events. After college, I wanted to find a way to participate and joined the Annual Auction Committee and have been working with Habitat for 6 years planning the big fundraiser. In between planning I have done a couple of builds and am excited to continue being more involved as the HYP events chair.
Mary Co-Chair
Mary McMillan
HYP Member Since: December 2012
Habitat Story: I got involved with HYP just after moving to Milwaukee. Since I was new in town, I didn’t have many connections here and HYP seemed like a good way to get to know my community better. Along with learning more about Milwaukee, HYP has helped me to meet other young professionals and extend my networks, both professional and personal. I am excited to take on a larger role with HYP in 2015 as a Co-Chair so that I can use my passion for the cause to help others make valuable connections, just like I did!
weddin Communications Chair
Bridget Greenlee
HYP Member Since: April 2013
Habitat Story: I first worked with Habitat in 2008 during my year in AmeriCorps NCCC in Lake Charles, LA. That year of traveling and volunteering opened my eyes to the need for and the rewards of volunteering. When I found myself back in Milwaukee, I got in touch with Habitat so I could work with an organization I knew I wanted to be a part of and meet other like-minded people around my age. A HYP table at a volunteer day got me involved initially and I am looking forward to giving more of my time to HYP this year as the communications chair.
Events Chair
Sarah Melaney
HYP Member since: September 2014
Habitat Story: My initial interest in Habitat came when I was a student at UW-Stout. Prior to that, I had been a part of—and loved—the Youth Outreach program in my hometown, West Bend, where I participated in construction-based mission trips throughout high school. I knew Habitat would be a great fit for me because it allowed me the opportunity to meet awesome people my age while giving back in a big way. When I came back to the Milwaukee area after graduation, I stumbled upon HYP and knew it would be perfect for me. I’m so happy to be back and participating in such an amazing organization!
DSC05585 Global Village Chair
Brie Skolaski
HYP Member Since: November 2012
Habitat Story: I got involved with HYP because I was looking for a good way to give back to the community, and use some of my large amount of vacation time at work. I volunteered one Saturday with HYP and then went out for a build week and fell in love. I’ve also been lucky enough to go on the last two HYP Global Village trips to El Salvador. Through HYP and Habitat MKE, I have met some of the most amazing people, who are now amazing friends.
cathleen Membership Chair
Cathleen Cotter
HYP Member Since: August 2012
Habitat Story: In college, I took a volunteer trip to St. Lucia to work on building 3 houses. While there, I fell in love with working with families and being part of positively changing a community. In August of 2012, I joined AmeriCorps and worked as part of the construction crew with Habitat, which I loved every aspect of, including HYP. After two years of working every day at Habitat and being a part of such a loving and amazing group of people, I want everyone to be able to have the experience of helping build Milwaukee while getting to know the wonderful people here.
DSC03343 Volunteer Chair
Lauren Halloran
HYP Member Since: October 2012
Habitat Story: After graduating from UW- Madison, I served as an AmeriCorps member at Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity for two years in the volunteer services department. During this time I was able to learn about and take part in various aspects of Habitat’s work, including HYP. My first event was the Competitive Beer Tasting, and after that, I was hooked! I went down to El Salvador twice with HYP’s Global Village team as an AmeriCorps. In August of 2014 I was hired on as staff to the Volunteer Services Department and am excited that I get to continue to work with HYP in a new role, as the Volunteer Chair!