Staff Directory

Main Office & Warehouse

Brian Sonderman, Executive Director Ext. 5601
Ann Van Dunk, Assistant Executive Director Ext. 5602
Paula Butler, Community Development Strategist 414-202-6844
Aaron Bergtrom, Research Analyst Ext. 5617

Construction Department
Chris Garrison, Construction Director 414-316-5623
Jeff Hoedel, Project Manager Ext. 5614 or 414-458-9122
Lee Rowley, Project Manager 608-697-5988
Todd Gray, Construction Supervisor 414-915-9458
Rachel Sirianni, Construction Assistant 414-852-0796
Eric Gremonprez, Critical Home Repair Manager 262-689-8036

Family Services Department
Natasha Gray, Family Services Director Ext. 5606
Mirella Reyes, Homeowner Selection Coordinator Ext. 5618

Volunteer Department
Beth Van Gorp, Volunteer Services Director Ext. 5615
Monika Wydeven,  ReStore Volunteer Coordinator Ext. 5619

Finance Department
Pat Keller, Director of Finance & Administration Ext. 5603
Shari Framnes, Staff Accountant Ext. 5605
Trina Vanderveer, Loan Services Coordinator Ext. 5604

Development Department
Karen Von Rueden, Director of Development & Marketing Ext. 5609
Jake Brandt, Marketing & Communications Manager Ext. 5621
Hannah Harris, Grant Program Manager Ext. 5610
Patti Oliver, Development Officer Ext. 5611
Joyce Squire, Database Manager Ext. 5612


Habitat ReStores

Larry Starkey, ReStore Director Ext. 5650

ReStore East
Megan Strittmater, ReStore East Manager Ext. 5682
Michael Pasco, ReStore East Assistant Manager Ext. 5681
Sean Heinritz, ReStore East Donations Associate
Zak Kressin, ReStore East Donations Associate

ReStore West
Kris Hyndiuk, ReStore West Manager Ext. 5652
Katie Krebsbach, ReStore Logistics Supervisor Ext. 5651
Mike Burns, ReStore Truck Driver & Donations Center Associate
Michael Scott, ReStore Truck Driver & Donations Center Associate
Jeff Stenseth, ReStore Truck Driver & Donations Center Associate
Carey Burdine, ReStore Truck Driver & Donations Center Associate
Caleb Hall, ReStore Truck Driver & Donations Center Associate
Aubrey Meehan, ReStore Associate
Jason Koslowski, ReStore Associate

Jodee Benavides, In-Kind Donations Manager Ext. 5657
Jake Weiler, Deconstruction Services Manager Ext. 5658