Are you a new volunteer?

Interested in bringing a group to volunteer?

Are you a returning individual volunteer?

Are you volunteering to complete community service hours?

Volunteer onboarding process for those volunteering as an individual

  1. Create an account in our online volunteer system.
  2. At the end of the process of creating an account you can immediately sign up for an orientation.
  3. Construction orientations are done via conference call and ReStore orientations are one-on-one or in small groups at your preferred store location.
  4. After successful completion of the orientation and a background check (done prior to the orientation by Habitat) you can then sign up for volunteer opportunities.
  5. Those completing court ordered community service must complete those hours at one of the ReStores. For those completing hours for school or community organizations we also recommend the ReStores as there is more flexibility and availability in scheduling volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer onboarding process for those who are members of a group who has a scheduled volunteer date

  1. Create an account in our online volunteer system.
  2. During that process, you should enter a “join code” provided by your group leader and that code allows you to sign up for the opportunity that has been reserved for your group.
  3. An orientation is provided to your group at the beginning of your volunteer shift at Habitat.
  4. After your volunteer date, if you wish to continue to volunteer as an individual please let one of the volunteer department team members know or contact Caroline Martini at