Milwaukee Habitat Young Professionals (HYP) seeks to engage socially conscious young professionals in greater Milwaukee to support Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity’s mission: break down the barriers to affordable homeownership for local families. 

About Milwaukee Habitat Young Professionals

Milwaukee Habitat Young Professionals (HYP) seeks to mobilize Milwaukee area young professionals to aid Habitat for Humanity’s mission to bring affordable homeownership to local families. By combining the time, resources and talents of Milwaukee young professionals, we aim to help address the city's need for affordable housing.

Our history

Recently, young professional groups have developed as extensions of many established non profits and as independent organizations meant to engage young professionals in community building. The first HYP groups started at the Austin and Cincinnati HFH Affiliates. Milwaukee HYP was established in 2012, a focus project of AmeriCorps member Hanna Gichard.

How we mobilize

Milwaukee HYP brings resourceful young professionals together through coordinated fundraising, advocacy, volunteerism, community involvement, and social networking events. This motivated group of volunteers impacts Habitat not only in the present, but for generations to come by cultivating lifelong donors and developing future leaders within its ranks.

Our objectives and activities

Volunteer Service

The Milwaukee HYP group has a monthly volunteer opportunity to help build and repair homes all the while getting to know other young professionals! The leadership of Milwaukee HYP is entirely led by young professionals and joining a HYP committee or taking on a leadership role is a great way to share and develop expertise and skills.

Advocacy & Awareness

Milwaukee HYP believes that supporting affordable housing doesn't stop with building homes. The HYP team regularly plans events to advocate for and spread awareness about Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity to increase support for the cause of affordable housing.


Milwaukee HYP raises funds to build and renovate homes, to support education and advocacy events, and to support our Global Village trip participants.  We put the fun in fundraising and our signature events have included things such as a corn hole tournament and a bar scavenger hunt.

Global Village Trips

Habitat for Humanity and Habitat Young Professionals strive to provide affordable housing not only locally but globally as well.  Since Habitat's reach is global, we provide opportunities to attend international habitat builds through Global Village trips. Our activities have included trips to Guatemala and El Salvador.

Why should I become a member?

Your membership will provide you with opportunities to:

  • Attend monthly Habitat for Humanity Build days with our HYP Group (lunch included)
  • Attend other volunteer events including: food drives, river clean ups, and tool drives
  • Attend social events and fundraisers including: happy hours, cornhole tournaments, holiday celebrations
  • Attend advocacy events including: book club, movie/documentary showings, guest speakers
  • Network with other like-minded young professionals in the area socially and professionally
  • Attend HYP Global Village trip
  • Receive HYP member T-Shirt and other swag (hat, sunglasses, water bottle, etc.)

Leadership Skills

Expand your leadership skills by working on the HYP Executive Board or Committees. Contact for more information.

Try us out!

New members can sign up for one HYP volunteer event before committing to become a HYP member.

Sign up today!

We would love to welcome you as a member! There is a $25 annual membership fee that includes a HYP t-shirt. Join us and become an integral part of a diverse group of people who share resources, time and talents to help bring affordable homeownership to Milwaukee.


The best way to find out what’s happening with HYP is to join us on Meetup. That’s where we schedule upcoming events, share pictures, and keep all of our members and friends informed.


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