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Women helping women to build stronger, safer communities.

Women Build’s goal is to recruit, educate and nurture women to build – and advocate for – safe and affordable housing in our community. Together we need to raise $35,000 for the construction materials of a new Habitat home. Involve your colleagues, friends and family in this crucial work to empower women, empower families and empower communities.

The issue: housing affordability

Women and children are the populations most likely to be affected by poor living conditions. Women also face more barriers to stable housing than men in similar economic situations. Some reasons include: 

  • Men earn more on average than women, resulting in access to higher credit, better loans and better quality homes and neighborhoods.
  • Unequal caregiving responsibilities limit a woman’s ability to dedicate the necessary time to obtaining and maintaining consistent employment and decent housing.
  • Single women are denied mortgages at higher rates than single men, despite the fact women are more reliable at paying back mortgages.

How Women Build Helps

Through Women Build you can make access to safe, affordable homeownership possible for local families in need. Last year, the majority of the families served through Milwaukee Habitat’s homeownership program were single mothers who had been living in unsafe, unaffordable or overcrowded housing. Together with your support, we can help women in our community build strength, stability and self-reliance by becoming first-time homebuyers. Habitat homeowners help build their homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. That mortgage won’t exceed 30% of a family's income, widely recognized as the threshold for affordable housing, making it easier to afford nutritious food, pay for necessary medical care, and save for the future. Together we will empower women, empower families, and empower communities.

Click on the photo to read about Tanika's journey to becoming a first-time home buyer

Get Involved

Join Women Build

Together we need to raise $35k for the construction materials of a new Habitat home. Recruit, or join, a team of 5 fundraisers.

Each team goal: $1000

Each person to raise at least $200 by June 25th will receive the 2021 Women Build T-shirt. You must be a team captain or join a team to be eligible for the T-shirt. The first 10 teams to raise $1000 will be given priority access to the Women Build week volunteer opportunity (Aug 11-14).

Donate Now

Make a gift to support Milwaukee Habitat's Women Build. Together we need to raise $35k for the construction materials of a new Habitat home. Give directly by clicking "Donate Now" or support one of our fundraisers.


Join other women to learn, inspire and advocate for safe and affordable housing through our Women Build events. Virtual gatherings will take place throughout the year bringing together women to share ideas surrounding homeownership.

Women Build week construction opportunity will occur Aug 11-14. Fundraisers will receive priority access.

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