Exploring the past and building an equitable future in Milwaukee

This interactive and discussion-based workshop provides a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the impact of local history on housing patterns. Through the examination of primary sources and data maps, participants will gain a better understanding of how intentional institutional choices resulted in segregated housing and the tangible effects that these decisions have had on the Milwaukee metro area. In addition to analyzing recent housing trends, the workshop also offers a chance to make a commitment to affordable housing and learn practical ways to take informed action.

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Workshop Activities

Activity 1

Explore the current health of Milwaukee using data maps that document various physical, mental, social, and economic indicators.


Activity 2

Examine a historical timeline chronicling both national and local events from 1896 to 1968 to understand the roots of Milwaukee’s segregated housing.


Activity 3

Review key federal legislation and critical local socio-economic factors that affected housing in Milwaukee since 1968.


Activity 4

Shed light on the current housing challenges in Milwaukee and the efforts being made to promote more equitable housing. Exploring actionable steps that individuals can take to contribute to positive change in this area.

"Brookfield Congregational United Church of Christ was honored to participate in the Housing, Race, and Equity Workshop offered by Milwaukee Habitat.  Having long partnered with Habitat locally, church members were interested in learning about the root causes of housing issues in our area.  The workshop was engaging and informative.  Folks not only had their eyes opened to the systemic problems, but were highly motivated to work toward change.  The workshop helped us to realign our priorities as a faith community so that we are both addressing the immediate need and working at the root causes.  I received nothing but positive comments from participants as well.  I highly recommend this workshop to faith communities.  It is extremely well done."

Rev. Laura McLeod, Senior Pastor, Brookfield Congregational UCC

"We were pleased to host Milwaukee Habitat on-site at MGIC to facilitate the Housing, Race, & Equity Workshop with our co-workers. The interactive approach allowed co-workers to see first-hand the impact of local history on housing and better understand current housing challenges. The content of the workshop was engaging, and co-workers left feeling committed to our shared mission of equitable homeownership and motivated to contribute to positive change. It was extremely rewarding to work with our long-standing partner Milwaukee Habitat on this unique workshop opportunity."

Katie Polace, Senior Community & Inclusion Advisor


Details about this 100% FREE workshop

Group Size:
10-40 individuals
Inquire about 40+ groups if interested
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Habitat Facilitators:
1-2 depending on group size
Habitat staff, homeowners, volunteers

Workshop Duration:
2 hour workshop
30 min. to 1 hour prep and cleanup

Space Requirements:
Ability to show a powerpoint
Tables and chairs
Wall space to post history display

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