Since our founding in 1984, we've worked to build safe, affordable homes here in Milwaukee and across the world, believing that distance does not play any role when we want to achieve the common goal of eliminating poverty housing. In countries around the globe families are living in desperate conditions. With your support, we're partnering with Habitat for Humanity affiliates in other countries, donating 10% of our unrestricted funds to ensure even more families have a safe, decent place to sleep at night; a donation known as tithe.


More than $4.8 million tithed

Thanks to the amazing generosity of individuals like yourselves, at the beginning of 2023 we're grateful to announce that we've tithed more than $4.8 million since our founding! Of the more than 1400 Habitat for Humanity affiliates, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity has become one of only 9 affiliates to reach this tremendous milestone. We can't thank you enough for helping families locally and abroad build safe, stable homes.

Where have we tithed?

That $4.8 million has been hard at work all across the globe! From long-term partnerships with Habitat El Salvador to short-term relief efforts like 2006's tsunami relief in Indonesia, we've developed partnerships to bring safe, affordable living conditions to families in need.

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2023 families served

With your growing support, we're serving more families

Currently, Milwaukee Habitat is partnering with Habitat for Humanity affiliates in El Salvador and Zambia to build safe, affordable homes. Since 1998 Milwaukee Habitat has partnered with Habitat El Salvador, donating nearly $2 million to serve local families.

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Watch how your support can make a difference

In El Salvador, 8 in 10 families live in inadequate housing. Watch how we’re changing that.

In Kabwe, Zambia we’re working with families living in the most vulnerable of housing situations.

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The experience of a lifetime! Join a Milwaukee Habitat team as we follow our tithe to El Salvador or Zambia. Our volunteer trips offer more than just the opportunity to swing a hammer. When you travel and volunteer with Global Village, you’ll experience the country like a local, with the locals. Meet people from around the world with all different kinds of backgrounds, races and religions.

Spending time with other cultures doesn’t mean just exploring the differences, but also discovering the commonalities. You’ll find that you don’t even need to speak the language. Trips typically consist of weekdays on the build site and in the community, evenings experiencing local food and culture, and weekend excursions like safaris in Zambia and volcanic hot springs in El Salvador.

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Watch what it's like on an El Salvador Global Village trip!

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Your gift will make is possible for families in El Salvador and Zambia to attain safe, stable housing.