Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Every volunteer helps makes homeownership and home preservation possible!

2017 New Individual Volunteer

Use if you are a volunteer and are not associated with an organization that already has a volunteer build day scheduled.

2017 New Organization VolunteerUse if you are a volunteer who is associated with an organization who has a build day. Please have your “join code” ready.

2017 Returning Volunteer Sign In

For all who have already used our online volunteer management system.

PLEASE NOTE: Have you volunteered since April 2016? Even if you didn’t sign up online, we may have already created a username for you. You can request your username (using an email) by clicking here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Beth Van Gorp at and we can check and provide this information if that process doesn’t work.

Any of the volunteer staff listed on this page can also assist with issues with the online volunteer system.

Volunteer onboarding process for those volunteering as an individual

  1. Create an account in our online volunteer system.
  2. At the end of the process of creating an account you can then immediately sign up for an orientation.
  3. Construction orientations are done via conference call and ReStore orientations are one-on-one or in small groups at your preferred store locations.
  4. After successful completion of the orientation and a background check (done prior to the orientation by Habitat) you can then sign up for volunteer opportunities.
  5. Those completing court ordered community service must complete those hours at one of the ReStores. For those completing hours for school or community organizations we also recommend the ReStores as there is more flexibility and availability in scheduling volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer onboarding process for those who are members of an organization who has a scheduled volunteer date

  1. Create an account in our online volunteer system.
  2. During that process, you should enter a “join code” provided by your group leader and that code allows you to sign up for the opportunity that has been reserved for your group.
  3. An orientation is provided to your group at the beginning of your volunteer time at Habitat.
  4. After your volunteer date, if you wish to continue to volunteer as an individual please let one of the volunteer department team members know.

What do volunteers do at Habitat?


  • Construction opportunities are generally available Wednesday – Saturday.
  • Volunteers help build or repair homes for our families.
  • We are currently building, rehabbing and repairing 100 homes in the Midtown neighborhood from 2018-2021, an initiative we call Midtown 100.
  • No construction experience is necessary. Volunteers will receive specific, day-of training for each shift.
  • Basic tools and safety equipment are provided by Habitat but you are welcome to bring your own tools and safety items.
  • The typical construction shift is from 9am-3pm, except as noted during special build weeks and during the summer.
  • The minimum age for construction volunteers is 16 years old.
  • Construction Questions? Please contact Beth Van Gorp, Volunteer Services Director, at or 414-316-5615.

Habitat’s ReStore 

  • Habitat’s ReStores are great places to volunteer, make new friends and have fun in the process.
  • The ReStore provides the biggest source of funding which allows Habitat to serve more families.
  • Volunteers help in these areas:
    • Donations Center Volunteer: help receive, process, and place on the floor a wide variety of items from donors.
    • Sales Floor Volunteer: help move and organize items on the sales floor, keeping store sections stocked and tidy. This position may also assist customers in loading items in their vehicles or to help find items on the floor.
    • Store Decorator: use the ever-changing inventory to redecorate and stage items on the sales floor
    • Cashier: engage shoppers and provide excellent customer service
    • Office Assistant: support the ReStore staff behind the scenes
  • Please note that some ReStore specialist positions require a longer time commitment
  • The minimum age of volunteers is 14. 14 and 15 year olds must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also volunteering.
  • ReStore Questions? Please contact Nichali Ciaccio, ReStore Volunteer Coordinator at or 414-316-5619

Other Opportunities

  • Office: Depending on your interest and experience it could range from filing to research to taking on a new project for Habitat.
  • Surveying: Each summer we send out small teams of volunteers to gather data in our target neighborhoods. After training provided on the day of service volunteers, in pairs, interview neighborhood residents.
  • Committees: Habitat has a variety of committees that keep the organization going such as Development, Finance, Construction and ReStore.
  • Internships: Are available for high school and college students in a variety of areas.


  • While volunteers need to be at 16 years old to join us on the build site, we do offer other ways for youth to get involved with Habitat’s mission.
  • In the past we have had groups provide meals and snacks on the work site, create entrance floor mats for the homes, and raise funds through making small donations daily in our house banks. Also popular are tours of our construction sites and having someone make a presentation about Habitat’s work in a classroom.
  • Contact Beth Van Gorp at or 414-316-5615 to learn more about how youth can get involved!