Youth Involvement

Youth Program staff making a presentation to first-grade class

Youth involvement is important for the mission of Milwaukee Habitat. We desire young people to understand and participate in the path to affordable housing for our city. We want to help develop young advocates for the Habitat mission and teach valuable information while involving youth in what we do. Our activities are open to youth from any and all backgrounds, faiths, and organizations in greater Milwaukee.

These activities are meant to involve youth in supporting the Habitat mission in ways other than construction and ReStore volunteering. We offer these activities to groups of youth ages 5-18 as the direct volunteering has age restriction due to safety (see note below).

Please Note: Due to the safety of our volunteers, we require that volunteers must be of the age of 16 or older to be on an active construction site. 14 & 15 year-olds may volunteer in our ReStores with a parent or guardian present.  All volunteers under the age of 18 at any location will need a signed waiver from their parent or guardian as well.

Ways YOUth can get involved!

  • Take a field trip! When you take a field trip with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, you learn about the need for affordable housing in Milwaukee by witnessing it firsthand. Students are taken on a tour of a Milwaukee Habitat build site, may get to meet our volunteers or homeowners, can get a tour of our warehouse, and visit one of our ReStores. The tour may last from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on which locations you attend. For more information please use the contact information at the bottom of this page.
  • We can come to you! We would love to come to your school or youth organization and share Habitat’s work across the globe and right here in Milwaukee. We can tailor our presentation to what would most appeal to the kids you work with.
  • Learn more about Habitat! Follow this link to Habitat for Humanity International’s website for resources intended for teachers, parents, other youth leaders and student groups to use with youth for education on Habitat and housing.
  • Bring lunch/snacks to a volunteer group! A group of youth may prepare lunch/snacks and bring it out to the job site for the volunteers that day. This can be an entire meal or just snacks or drinks such as baked goods, popsicles, or lemonade. The group would get to interact with volunteers and homeowners during their lunch break on site and see the house they are working on. This event is best scheduled on a Saturday as it is out busiest volunteer day, though some weekdays may work with enough notice.
  • Make a welcome gift for a Habitat family! Welcome a family into their new Habitat home with a wooden door mat, mosaic stepping stones, or laundry baskets stocked with home supplies. If you have other ideas on gifts please let us know. Your group would supply the materials and organize an event to create these and we will help distribute them to the new homeowners. Here are links for the crafting ideas:
  • Up-cycling! Take donated goods from our ReStore and decorating, painting, or otherwise improving upon the items to increase sale value. Great for creative, DIY art students in middle school or high school.
  • Create your own fundraiser! Let the young people you work with plan how to raise funds to support Habitat’s mission. We do require adult supervision for all events, so please plan for someone to be there. We also have small house shaped banks available with a savings calendar to help youth learn about housing and fundraise for Habitat!

If you are interested in any of these options please contact Debbie Olguin at or 414-316-5620.