A Critical Kitchen Repair

A Critical Kitchen Repair

Rashonda’s favorite meals to cook include shrimp alfredo, chicken, greens, and holiday meals such as turkey. However, since buying and moving into her home over a year ago, she has not been able to cook these meals or anything else. 

Rashonda’s kitchen is currently unusable. The sink doesn’t work and the cabinets, floor, and walls are falling apart. She initially wanted a “fixer upper,” but never imagined that the house would have this many challenges.

“I can’t use the sink,” Rashonda said. “You can’t cook in [the kitchen]. It’s horrible. I’ve needed [repairs] since I bought it.”

Rashonda has done a lot of work on the house herself, from fixing up the bathrooms and bedrooms. However, she lives with her son and granddaughter and works multiple jobs, so finding time to repair her home is difficult. On top of time, the cost of all these repairs adds up.

“When am I supposed to sleep?” Rashonda said. “There’s not enough time and not enough money.”

Fortunately, Rashonda found Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. Through our Critical Home Repair program, homeowners can get up to 80% of the project costs covered based on income, a 0% interest loan on repairs, and flexible repayment options.

Rashonda had looked at prices for kitchen repairs, but before finding Milwaukee Habitat, she couldn’t afford the repairs because of increasing prices.

“I was lost,” Rashonda said. “Everything went up so much. Nothing was really affordable.”

Now with the help of Milwaukee Habitat’s Critical Home Repair Program, Rashonda can get the necessary repairs at an affordable price. She can once again cook her favorite meals and share them with family and friends.

When asked what this repair will mean to her, Rashonda replied “Happiness. I get to cook. I get to eat. I get to use the sink. It’s going to feel good going into the house with a brand new kitchen. [This loan] took a weight off [my] shoulders.”

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