A Life Changing Repair

A Life Changing Repair

Before finding Habitat, Anthony thought he was going to have to make a tough decision: come out of retirement in order to afford repairs, or live with an unsafe roof. 

Anthony’s roof has aged out and is falling apart. He needs a new roof, but the quotes he got for the repair were unaffordable for him if he wanted to stay in retirement.

Then, Anthony found Milwaukee Habitat’s Critical Home Repair Program.

Through the Milwaukee Habitat Critical Home Repair Program, homeowners can get up to 80% of the project costs covered based on income, a 0% interest loan on repairs, and flexible repayment options.

Without the program, Anthony would have had to go back to work to afford the repair. 

“I don’t even think I would afford [the repair],” Anthony said. “I would have to go back to work to save up to afford that job. That’s a life changing difference. This is a life saver.”

If you own your own home in this area you may qualify!

By partnering with Milwaukee Habitat, Anthony is able to stay in retirement and get his roof repaired at an affordable price. He also sees the benefit this repair will have on his neighborhood. 

“It is a quiet neighborhood,” Anthony said. “I was raised there…[this repair will] help keep up the neighborhood.”

Now, Anthony does not need to make the tough decision he thought he would. He can spend his retirement in a safe home with a stable roof. 

“[This repair] changed my life. It kept me on my retirement pace. It’s a game changer for me,” Anthony said. 

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