ARPA Could Create Generational Opportunity For Affordable Housing

This is both an exciting and important time for our community as the Milwaukee Common Council considers how to allocate the first tranche of $200 million in federal funding made available through the American Rescue Plan Act.

There is a real opportunity to implement transformative change in Milwaukee with this funding, and we believe that can best be achieved by supporting efforts to increase access to affordable housing and homeownership. Our thoughts on the issue were laid out in recent media interviews on WTMJ 620 AM and WUWM’s Lake Effect Show.

WUWM Interview – Brian Sonderman speaks with Audrey Nowakowski

Get Involved

A vote on how to allocate a significant portion of this funding is scheduled to take place Friday (10/15/21) by the city’s Finance and Personal Committee. As a supporter of Milwaukee Habitat, we would greatly appreciate it if you took time to reach out to your alderperson via email or a phone call within the next two days.

The purpose would be to express both gratitude for the work they’re doing on this front, and underscore the importance of access to affordable homeownership as well as creating greater opportunity for construction of new, affordable homes. Below are some key points to include in any outreach. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Alderman ________,

●     Thank you for the work you’re doing to ensure ARPA funding will be used to move our community forward in a transformative way.
●     As a supporter of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, I want to underscore that access to affordable homeownership and creating greater opportunity for construction of new, affordable homes is one of the most impactful ways to implement transformative change in our community.
●     Homeownership leads to better neighborhoods, stronger education outcomes, and lower crime rates.
●     As you consider allocation of ARPA funds, I hope you will support investment in homebuyer counseling services and downpayment assistance programs, which will provide a foundation for great homeownership through rehab and new home construction. All of these efforts can result in a greater diversity of homeowners within the community.
●     Thank you again for your important work on these matters and your commitment to moving our community forward.

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