Brightening a Neighborhood. Brightening Morale.

Brightening a Neighborhood. Brightening Morale.

Josie Holloway moved into her home over 60 years ago. Her daughter, Deloris, who grew up in the home, is currently Josie’s caretaker. Deloris also takes care of Josie’s home, which is in dire need of critical repairs. 

Every time it rains, Deloris goes to Josie’s house and lays towels over parts of the floor to catch the water that comes in from the roof. She used to replace the window blinds and curtains, but now doesn’t even try because water continues to damage them.

“There’s no point in putting in blinds and curtains until it’s fixed,” Deloris said. “There’s a lot of water.”

Before finding Habitat, Deloris talked to several different agencies to get help with the repairs on her mother’s home. However, the roof repair did not qualify. That’s when one of the programs recommended she reach out to Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. They applied and got an affordable loan to get Josie’s roof repaired. 

Through the Milwaukee Habitat Critical Home Repair Program, Josie is getting a new roof and some new lights with a 0% interest loan and flexible repayment options.

Josie is one of the longest standing residents of the Borchert Field neighborhood. Deloris explained that the neighborhood has deteriorated since she was a kid. Many of the past homeowners have passed, moved, or handed down their home to people who didn’t have money to take care of it. However, many of the new homeowners in her neighborhood are reconstructing their homes.

“They look really, really nice,” Deloris said. 

With a new roof, Josie’s home will be one of the many getting necessary repairs and brightening up the neighborhood. 

Deloris is well aware of the risks that come with a leaking roof. She worries about her mother’s safety with leaking water and mold as a result. She is looking forward to the roof repair as it will give her peace of mind about her mother’s living condition.

“It will give her a better living [situation]. I don’t have to be worried about her,” Deloris said. “It gives the house a better look and I can do little things within the home. Things like getting new blinds and some drywall.”

Deloris also recognizes the impact this affordable repair will have on Josie’s mood and mental health.

“It’ll impact her,” Deloris said. “It’ll bring up her morale. Sometimes she remembers; sometimes she doesn’t. But it will make her living quarters much better.”

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