Bucks & Sargento Tipoff for Homes Build Begins

Bucks & Sargento Tipoff for Homes Build Begins

All week long, Sargento employees are in Milwaukee’s Midtown neighborhood to raise the walls of a safe, affordable Habitat for Humanity home. Sargento sponsored this home in part through their Tipoff for Homes partnership with the NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks. Sargento donated $500 for every tipoff won by the Bucks during the regular season, totaling $26,000. As the team began their historic playoff run, Sargento announced they’d double that amount for tipoffs won during the post season. This resulted in an additional $18,000 in support, bringing the Tipoff for Homes season total to an astonishing $44,000!

Sargento is long-time supporter of Milwaukee Habitat’s work to make homeownership affordable for local families in need. The partnership dates back all the way to 1992, when Sargento became Milwaukee Habitat’s first ever corporate sponsor. This company’s commitment to safe, affordable housing extends far beyond their financial generosity. Employees from Sargento have volunteered more than 16,500 hours on Milwaukee Habitat build sites in that time. That phenomenal tradition continued on Monday, as employees began construction on the 31st Sargento sponsored home.

As thousands of families in our area struggle to afford the rising cost of housing, companies like Sargento have stepped up by committing their time and resources to ensure local families have a safe, stable place to call home.

“Every time the Bucks secure that tipoff it’s another wall going up in a safe, affordable home in our city,” says Brian Sonderman, Executive Director of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. “We’re so grateful for the partnership with Sargento and the Milwaukee Bucks to help local families become first-time homebuyers.”

This build represents another exclamation point on a historic run for our world champion Milwaukee Bucks!

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