Build Season Is Underway!

Raising the wall from left to right: Dan Bader (CEO, Bader Philanthropies, Inc.), Brandon Woodruff (Brewers pitcher), DL Hall (Brewers pitcher), Cecelia Gore (Executive Director, Brewers Community Foundation), Joey Ortiz (Brewers infielder), Brian Sonderman (CEO, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity)

Build Season Is Underway!

At Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, we’re excited to share some fantastic news: our 2024 build season is officially underway! This year, we’re aiming to construct 32 new homes in the Harambee, Lindsay Heights, and Midtown neighborhoods, addressing Milwaukee’s urgent need for affordable housing. To help kick things off, we’ve teamed up with some incredible folks, including the Brewers Community Foundation, Bader Philanthropies, and dedicated community members.

The season kicked off with a wall-raising ceremony on Milwaukee’s north side. Brewers players Brandon Woodruff, Joey Ortiz, and DL Hall swapped their ball caps for hard hats and got to work, helping us raise the first wall of one of our new homes – a home sponsored by Brewers Community Foundation. In addition to funds, these athletes are helping bring attention to the need for affordable homes in our community. As Brandon Woodruff put it, “Being under a house with a loving family, I understand what this is going to mean for a new family to move in. This is a big deal to us.” Brandon’s fourth time volunteering with us was particularly special, given his own experiences growing up in a small town and knowing what it’s like to have limited resources.

Our CEO, Brian Sonderman, captured the excitement of the day perfectly: “In many respects, today is like opening day for Milwaukee Habitat. This opening day will lead to a life that will be different for generations to come.” It’s true—every new home we build is more than just a structure; it’s a cornerstone for a brighter future for families in our community.

One of the best parts about Habitat for Humanity is how we make homeownership accessible. We know that the traditional barriers—like hefty down payments and high mortgage costs—can be daunting. That’s why no down payment is required to purchase a Habitat home and the mortgage won’t exceed 30% of a family’s income. Plus, our homeowners get involved in the building process, working alongside volunteers to bring their future homes to life.

This year, in addition to our 32 new homes, we’re also planning to tackle 65-75 repair projects, helping ensure existing homeowners can stay safe in their homes. By providing affordable repairs for existing residents and building new homes with first-time buyers, we’re focused on empowering local families with the stability and equity of homeownership.

Watch Fox6’s coverage of our build season kickoff!

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who supports us, from our volunteers to our community partners. Your dedication makes it possible for us to continue this important work. As we move forward with the 2024 build season, we’re excited to keep you updated on our progress and the incredible stories of the families we’re helping.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us in celebrating the power of a safe, affordable home. Together, we’re building hope and creating opportunities, one home at a time.

Help break down the barriers to first-time homeownership for more local families.
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