Building Brighter Futures

Spring Appeal 17 Final-1 Web HeaderThis spring, help us build better homes that create brighter futures.
Because everyone deserves a decent place to live.

We just marked another productive year, helping 36 families in Milwaukee build and repair their very own places to call home. It’s now time to dig in and continue this momentum in 2017. Every single one of us deserves the opportunity for a better life, but we need your support.

Although we have made great strides in our efforts to eliminate poverty housing in Milwaukee, our work is not nearly finished.

This is by far our most important campaign of the year. So much of what we do for families in 2017 depends on the support we are able to raise right now.

Janena JohnsonMany of us go about our daily lives not having to worry about whether our basic needs are going to be met. We don’t have to choose between eating a healthy meal and buying medicine for our child, who is sick with the flu.

It is easy to forget how fortunate we are to have a decent place to live. And it is easy to forget the faces of the many hardworking people we encounter every day in Milwaukee who don’t. They are trapped in unaffordable, overcrowded, or substandard conditions that no family or child deserves.

It could be the clerk at your local grocery store who helps bag your groceries… or the bus driver who gets your children to school safely every day… or the car wash attendant who hands you your keys with a smile. These are the people who work hard to enhance the quality of our lives.

Your gift today is not only an investment in a Milwaukee family. Your donation is an
investment in our entire community.

This spring, you can help more families and individuals stand on their own. Habitat homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay affordable mortgages. Please help create brighter futures by giving what you can today – every dollar makes a difference!

Brian Sonderman
Executive Director

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