Building The Next Family Hub

Building The Next Family Hub

When Tifhanie thinks about the significance of homeownership, her grandmother, Bertha, immediately comes to mind. Bertha owned her home and Tifhanie remembers it as the hub for family gatherings. 

“Summers were always at grandma’s house,” she says. 

Now, Tifhanie is looking forward to carrying on her grandma’s legacy in home she’ll soon call her own. Tifhanie is building a four bedroom home in Milwaukee’s Harambee neighborhood. It’s a place she’s looking forward to welcoming her growing family. Tifhanie has a 22 year old son, two daughters (17 & 8), a new grandchild, as well as nieces and nephews. 

“I’m looking forward to having a stable home where they can feel that same kind of love my grandma gave,” Tifhanie says.

Tifhanie is excited to move out of the current duplex that she’s been renting. She says the other tenants aren’t helpful with the maintenance of the home. She also noted that two blocks away the neighborhood can get pretty rough. 

Tifhanie hopes that becoming a first-time homebuyer will inspire her children.

“I have three kids that are looking up to mom,” she says. “If I can do it, you can do it.”

Since setting off on this path to become a Habitat homeowner, Tifhanie says her 17 year old daughter has set a goal to become a homeowner by 25. 

When asked what it’s going to feel like when she gets the keys to her very own home for the first time, Tifhanie knows it’s going to be an emotional experience.

“It’ll be one of the happiest moments of my life,” she says. “I know I’m going to cry, my kids will be crying. I’ve always wanted to become a homeowner. When that day comes it’s going to be full of joy.”

While her grandmother is no longer with us, Tifhanie is planning a special way to commemorate the woman that has meant so much to her.

“When I move in I want to build a garden and dedicate it to my grandma,” she says. “It’ll be ‘Bertha’s Garden.’” 

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