Chelmicia Is Owning Her Future

Chelmicia Is Owning Her Future

Chelmicia sees Habitat as an opportunity to take control of her housing situation. Right now, she’s bound to responsiveness and integrity of her landlord – something she’s been unhappy with for years.

“I’m tired of renting,” says Chelmicia. “I’ve been living in houses where landlords don’t want to fix anything. They just want your money.”

When she first moved into her rental, Chelmicia quickly discovered serious issues with water coming into the home.

“When it rained, it was like I was outside,” said Chelmicia.

Unmitigated, water running into a house can cause serious health issues – particularly when mold develops.

Chelmicia repeatedly asked the landlord to address the issue, but nothing was done. It got so bad that she had to get the City involved.

The landlord, who owns rental properties throughout the area, eventually addressed the issue, but only after being mandated by the City. They would later go on to try and sell the property, which opened up another can of worms for Chelmicia. Her landlord would schedule tours for the home whether she was home or not, and with little to no notice. Chelmicia had had enough and began searching for something better.

It’s at that time when her friend Colette, a Milwaukee Habitat homeowner, told her about our affordable homeownership program. Chelmicia appreciated the idea of locking in a mortgage to maintain her housing expenses. And even more, she would gain control over the maintenance, access, and sale of her home.

When exploring the options Milwaukee Habitat had available, she found out that one of the properties she qualified for was right across the street from her cousin’s home. When she moves in, Chelmicia is planning to invite the whole family over to celebrate the momentous occasion.

“It’s going to feel so nice [to have the keys to my own home] I might cry,” said Chelmicia.

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