Deconstructing Century-Old Sisters of St. Francis Buildings

Each year, Milwaukee Habitat raises thousands of dollars through the sale of donated items in our three ReStores. Some of most unique finds are salvaged by our Deconstruction Services team.

The team, comprised almost entirely of volunteers, salvages usable items from commercial and residential buildings that are being remodeled or torn down.

Most weeks our team is salvaging kitchen cabinet sets from residential remodels, but this week is a little different. They’re in the heart of a 170 year old convent, salvaging everything from built-in cabinets to furniture left over by the nuns who used to reside there.

It’s estimated by the time this 4-day deconstruction is finished, our team will have salvaged eight full 26′ box trucks top to bottom with great finds! All of which are for sale at our three ReStores.

The 170 year old complex is complete with underground tunnels connecting buildings and barrel-vaulted cream city brick cellars. There’s only one way to see these gems before the buildings are torn down…

Check out OnMilwaukee’s “Last Look” at the property with Bobby Tanzilo.
Videos, photos, and history of the buildings (including why they’re being torn down).

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