Does Marie Kondo have you Tidying Up?

Marie-fever has officially arrived. The budding Netflix star has been traveling the country helping families tidy up and get rid of things they no longer need. In her show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo‘ she takes families through an almost zen-like process of determining if possessions spark joy.

The action is quite simple, but wildly effective. Marie instructs folks to choose a room of their home. From there, the person takes account of a number of belongs, whether that be shirts, books, etc…Then, one by one, items are picked up and asked one simple question: “Does this spark joy?”

If the item does spark joy, the person keeps it. If not, Marie instructs that you should thank the item and get rid of it. “Giving sincere thanks to an item will significantly reduce or even eliminate any guilt you may feel when you decide that you will no longer have it in your home,” she says. “I understand that for some people it may seem strange to thank items, but if you try it you’ll be surprised by its effectiveness. Keeping an item beyond the time it sparks joy for you will only diminish the care and appreciation you have for the other items in your life.”

You can use this system for more than just clothes and books. In fact, I used it on my dog recently with surprising results. She had too many toys cluttering up our living room so, one by one, I put them in front of her and asked her if they sparked joy. Though she certainly didn’t recognize my command, it was abundantly clear which ones she liked and the ones she didn’t really care for anymore. We cut her toy pile nearly in half!

Now think about your own life. Maybe a cluttered basement or storage unit gathering items? How could you tidy up? Well ReStore can help.

ReStore offers a free pickup service for large donations and three convenient donation centers in Milwaukee county. Once you’ve thanked your items, we can make sure that usable goods get to spark joy in someone else’s life! The joy train doesn’t stop there. Not only will someone else find joy in your items, but the proceeds will help a family in need build a safe, stable home. ALL THE JOY!

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