Bill & Lois Hoover

For Bill and Lois Hoover, helping others is a way of life. “As a Christian, I believe I should share resources generously,” Bill says. Bill and Lois appreciate that the mission of Habitat for Humanity aligns with their faith, as well as their passion for combatting the fundamental problems of housing insecurity in Milwaukee. They have been involved in Habitat for Humanity across the country and internationally since 1988, where Bill says he was excited to use his handyman skills. After retirement, Bill and Lois began to think about their legacy. “When it comes to thinking about our estate giving, it seems like a natural thing for us. It’s the way we live our lives,” he says. Bill and Lois say they know their legacy gift will help continue to lay the foundation for building homes for families for generations to come.

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Ann & Greg Van Dunk

For Ann and Greg Van Dunk, living in Milwaukee means being a part of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity.

Legacy Society members designate a planned gift in their will, trust, or retirement plan, to ensure that Milwaukee families have the security of owning a home for generations to come.

“Both of our families were super generous people. Generous to us, taught us how to give,” said Ann.

“We are aware that we are among the people who are blessed, and when the time comes for us to not be on the earth, we want to be able to be generous as well, and literally leave a legacy about the things we care about,” said Greg.

Estate attorneys recommend updating your will each time you experience a major life event. With their three children grown and having families of their own, Ann and Greg decided to update theirs.

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Jim McClure

After a few years of volunteering with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, Habitual volunteer Jim and his wife Kathleen joined the Legacy Society.

“My wife and I were working with our financial advisor, and without getting too granular, I had a life insurance policy that was given to me by my grandfather, that my financial advisor had suggested that to the benefit of my family, would be best to give it away to charity,” he said.

Being part of the Legacy Society gives Jim an increased sense of pride, particularly with helping out on the annual Legacy House build each spring.

“The fact that I can have a footprint in the whole of Habitat is really quite special,” he said. “My wife and I have two adult daughters that know how active I am with the organization. The fact that they’ll be able to drive past the house and say ‘Dad helped with that one by being a Legacy member’ is priceless.”

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Anne Neafie

For nearly 25 years, Anne Neafie has volunteered on build sites for Habitat for Humanity, and has been instrumental in orchestrating the Faith Build House each year.  “I want to see Habitat move on beyond the time I’m able to volunteer,” she says. And that’s what prompted her to designate a portion of her estate to Milwaukee Habitat. “If you’re volunteering your time and talents, and sharing in donations in your lifetime and making it a priority, you want Habitat to continue its mission after you’re gone.”

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Lois Bernard

You may have been greeted with a cheery hello from Lois Bernard when entering the Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The dedicated volunteer says working as a cashier brings her joy and fulfillment.  “We have many interesting items to sell and I love the socialization,” she says.

Lois also loves Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity’s mission. “I am a retired Milwaukee Public School teacher; while teaching I recognized how important it is for students to live in a safe, affordable, stable home,” she says.  Lois feels the sweat equity standards help families find their footing. “Achievement of these standards helps to give the new homeowner not only a new home but the confidence, strength and a good feeling of personal success in that they have helped to build a stable, safe future for themselves and their family.”  

When it came time for Lois to think about leaving a gift in her trust, she says Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity was top on the list. “I have been fortunate in my life both financially and with my health, and feel that helping MHFH to build homes for families is a great place to leave my financial gift.”

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Robert & Evelyn Klug

Bob and Evie Klug were the embodiment of happiness through service. Their retirement life was enriched as active volunteers for many civic and charitable causes, including Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity since 1995. They were well-known for their big hearts, devoting countless volunteer hours and financial support. 

A true legacy is a combination of emotional and financial elements, while an inheritance is simply financial. In August 2013, Milwaukee Habitat received a legacy gift from the Klug’s estate. Bob & Evie established a legacy that provides for future generations and reflects their personal history, values and vision.

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