Economic Impact Report

When a family no longer has to choose between paying the rent and putting a healthy meal on the table for their children, they build strength.

When a family no longer fears of having to move their kids to another school because a landlord increased the rent again, they build stability.

And when a family no longer has to pay more than half their income on rent and for the first time can save for the future, they build independence.

In 2018 Milwaukee Habitat Homeowners spent an average of 24% less on housing compared to what they'd been paying to rent.
The average Milwaukee Habitat Homeowner saves $36,000 over a 30 year fixed mortgage compared to the average market rate with a 620 credit score.
In 2018 families in Milwaukee Habitat's Critical Home Repair program saved 42% on repairs like roofing, plumbing and electrical which would have cost nearly twice as much on the open market.
There's been a 25% increase in assessed home values on blocks where we built in the Washington Park neighborhood from 2013-2017.
Every time Milwaukee Habitat purchases a vacant lot or foreclosed home from the City of Milwaukee we save taxpayers $2000 and $3500 respectively per year for each property.
In 2018 Milwaukee Habitat Homeowners paid $825,000 in property taxes which funded local schools, roads and municipal jobs.

With your support we are not only helping local families in need of safe, affordable housing, but we are investing in our city’s neighborhoods. Thank you for making a difference in our community.