Father of Six Builds For His Kids

Father of Six Builds For His Kids

Following a weekend of celebrating the fathers in our lives, we’re shining a light on one Milwaukee father who is working hard to build a safe, stable home for his family. When asked why homeownership is worth investing in, Abdirazak did not hesitate for a second responding: “For my kids.”

Abdirazak and Yasmin have six children and have been searching for an opportunity to put down roots in Milwaukee. They’ve been renting in the area for several years, but wanted a place they could truly call their own.

“We’ve been renting in Milwaukee without getting any benefit,” says Abdirazak. “I want to build our dream, not someone else’s.”

Abdirazak says the investment in homeownership will set them up for the future, while also offering financial security for the present. When he researched home lending options on the open market, he found Habitat to be the best opportunity for his family.  

On top of that, they are building a new home in Milwaukee’s Harambee neighborhood – a place Abdirazak knows well. He lived in the area when he first moved to Milwaukee.

“There are good schools in the area,” he says. “And lots of shops.”

When Abdirazak found out they’d been approved for a brand new home, he took his family to the build site where their home was already underway. His young son assured them as they looked upon the home they’d soon move in to, saying: “This is a good home.”

Abdirazak knows the stability of this home will bring comfort and peace of mind to the family. He says their current rental has had three different landlords since they moved in, all with their own set of rules.

“[This home] is going to feel more secure and safe for the family,” says Abdirazak. “You have the right to live your life for your family.”

A sentiment that couldn’t be more fitting. Happy Father’s Day.

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