Finding Security

Finding Security

“[My neighborhood] is pretty rough,” Sheila said. “It’s outside things that happen when people come into our neighborhood. There once was a shootout with one person in the yard [next to my house].”

Sheila now has bullet holes in the side of her house due to this incident and others. 

She was not going to sit by and let more damage be done to her home.

“I took it upon myself to buy the property [next door] for a dollar and put up a fence,” Sheila said.

Even with adding a fence to the lot next door, she knew that more needed to be done to keep her home safe. Sheila’s security doors do not lock properly and were not installed correctly by a previous company.

“It affects me security wise,” Sheila said. “People could have access to my home without having a security door. I feel insecure. They need to be replaced. It’s scary.”

Sheila learned about the Milwaukee Habitat Critical Home Repair program through her niece who built a Habitat home. Sheila qualified for the program and will have her security doors fixed through an affordable loan. 

The Critical Home Repair Program makes repairs such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, and more, affordable for local homeowners. The program offers a 0% interest loan on repairs, flexible repayment options, and up to 80% of the loan could be forgiven based on income.

“[Without the program], I probably wouldn’t be able to afford [the repairs],” Sheila said. “I’m retired and on a fixed income.”

Sheila appreciates everything that Milwaukee Habitat does for the community and encourages others to be part of it. 

“I’m very well pleased with the program,” Sheila said. “I like the work and they are definitely reliable. I would do whatever I can to forward people to be part of Habitat. I always recommend people.”

As Sheila’s repairs begin, she is looking forward to feeling safe in her home.

“[This repair will mean that] I’ll be secure,” she said. “The house will look great. And I will be happy.”

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