Former Drug House Transformed Into Safe, Stable Home

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Isha & Osman helped build their own home and pay an affordable mortgage.

In the Washington Park neighborhood, this city-owned foreclosure sat vacant, decaying. Left in ruins by the former tenants, a gang of drug dealers who brought violence to the neighborhood. Partnering with the Milwaukee Police Department, the criminals were extinguished from the property, but the home was in desperate need of repair.

Working with Alderman Russell Stamper II, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity acquired the home through Stamper’s RICH Program. This neighborhood nuisance would soon be transformed into a safe, affordable home

With support from companies like Wells Fargo and We Energies, the home began its transformation. Future homeowners Isha & Osman worked alongside volunteers constructing their home-to-be, affectionately known as “The Deer House.”

The family, including their eight children, had been living in a cramped three bedroom apartment. As former Somalia refugees, this home will not only mean more space for their large family, but the stability of having a home to call their own.

On this block and throughout the blocks where we’ve built in the Washington Park neighborhood crime is down 48% as Habitat families move into safe, affordable homes. Together, we can build a world where everyone has a decent place to live.