Fostering Stability: Aja’s Dream for Homeownership

Fostering Stability: Aja’s Dream for Homeownership

Working as a support staff at a child advocacy center, Aja witnesses firsthand the profound impact unstable homes have on children. This experience has inspired her to pursue homeownership, with a goal of providing a stable home for foster children in the future. Aja explained:

“We mainly see kids who have been abused or going into foster care. If I get this house, I have extra rooms and maybe I can foster. It’s one of my ways of giving back.

Children are so vulnerable. Some aren’t given a chance to know what a home is or what a bed feels like, fresh water, clean socks. I hear a lot of stories coming through there. Some of the stuff you don’t even see on TV.

I can’t imagine what they feel like. It’s so sad. I feel like I can give back. It’s rewarding, especially at the end of the [child’s] visit. They’ll want to come up and give you a hug. They talk like they know you. They feel so welcome in the clinic. My family is very loving. I know the child will be accepted no matter what. 

I always wanted to foster in the back of my head. Now, I’ll have extra space.”

Not only does Aja want to provide a stable home to others, but it has also been a personal dream of hers to become a homeowner. 

Aja has lived in her current rental for the last 16 years and is ready for her own space and to start something new. 

“Thinking about how long I’ve been in my residence now, I probably could have been a homeowner two times over,” Aja said.

One day earlier this year, Aja got an email about Habitat homeownership and took it as a sign to apply. 

“I’m ready to look at new walls,” Aja said. “[That email] has got to be a sign from God. It’s time to move on.”

Aja is now building a brand-new three bedroom home in the King Park neighborhood through Milwaukee Habitat’s Affordable Homeownership Program. When thinking about walking through her front door for the first time, Aja shared:

“I know I am going to have butterflies. I don’t even know what words to express my feelings. I’m so excited. I’m anticipating it. But I’m going to take it all in and appreciate the whole experience.”

For Aja, this journey is about more than becoming a homeowner, it is also about bringing stability to children in need. With each nail hammered into the house, she envisions not just walls and rooms, but a home where foster children will find comfort and stability.

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