Full Circle

Full Circle

21 years ago, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity partnered with Norma Yera to build her new home and help her pay an affordable mortgage. Today, through the Critical Home Repair program, Milwaukee Habitat is helping Norma preserve that home she bought decades ago. 

Norma sees her relationship with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity as a blessing. She lives in a neighborhood with many Habitat homes and has appreciated the community within it. 

“It’s really nice. We know each other,” Norma said. “We used to do little block parties. All our kids are growing up now. Some of them still keep up with each other.”

Her sons have friends who grew up a few streets over, and they still get together and hang out.

Norma appreciates the security she and her children have felt living in a Habitat home throughout her 21 years there.

“I am blessed that the house has been good. I haven’t had anything major happen to it,” Norma said.

If you own your own home in this area you may qualify!

Although no major issues have arisen, because of the normal wear and tear that happens on a home over time, Norma’s kitchen sink has started to leak. The water was leaking into the flooring behind the sink and into her basement above the washer and dryer. Norma put two dishes out to catch the water from the leaking sink.

Fortunately, Norma received a postcard in the mail from Milwaukee Habitat about the Critical Home Repair Program and reached out about fixing this issue. Through the program, Norma was able to get an affordable loan for the repairs. 

“They work with you based on your income,” Norma said. “Everything kind of fell into place. It was a blessing.”

The Critical Home Repair Program makes repairs such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, and more, affordable for local homeowners. The program offers a 0% interest loan on repairs, flexible repayment options, and up to 80% of the loan could be forgiven based on income. 

Norma is grateful for her relationship with Milwaukee Habitat and looking forward to working with familiar faces during the repair process.

“It’s nice to be able to work with some people you’re aware of,” Norma said. 

Even 21 years after Norma moved into her Habitat home, she still continues her relationship with Milwaukee Habitat and is grateful for the home and community it has built. 

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