Good News Tues. – July 21st

We’re back with another edition of Good News Tues to spread a little joy from our Habitat family to yours. We’re all in this together. Here’s hoping this brings a little light to your day. 

“A Dream Come True”
With two young children at home, Ieasha says that homeownership is all about providing a safe, stable place where they can grow up. For a few years, Ieasha rented an apartment, but after her daughter Laila was born, Ieasha decided to move back in with her father.

Prior to being accepted into Habitat’s affordable home ownership program, Ieasha and Laila shared one of her father’s three bedrooms. Ieasha said she always wanted to get Laila more toys but wouldn’t have much space to move around in her bedroom if she did.

Ieasha was raised by her father, noting that she always had a stable home to go back to as child. She wanted to be able to provide that same stability for her children.

“Being able to have a home they can grow up in, where they know they can come home to after school, it’s going to be a dream come true,” says Ieasha.

A 2014 study showed that children of low-income parents that own their home are 62% more likely to acquire post-secondary education as compared to children of low-income renters.

“When I was renting a two-bedroom apartment, I was paying pretty much the same as it will cost me to own my own home,” says Ieasha, “Now, I’ll have something that I can invest in for the future.”

Just a month before the pandemic shutdown our city, Ieasha got the keys to her brand new Milwaukee Habitat home. Not only has Ieasha built a safe home where her children can weather this pandemic, but they join a community of Habitat homeowners who are moving in up and down their block.

You can help more families in our community achieve safety, stability and independence.
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