Good News Tues. – June 9th

We’re back with another edition of Good News Tues to spread a little joy from our Habitat family to yours. We’re all in this together. Here’s hoping this brings a little light to your day. 

On February 28th, as the world was just beginning to understand the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carleda got the keys to her brand new Milwaukee Habitat home. She and her three children realized the safety, security and stability of their four-bedroom Midtown residence mere weeks before Governor Evers issued the Stay At Home Order. The home would have been a welcomed departure from their previous rental under normal circumstances. But this pandemic has made having a safe, affordable place to call home more important than ever before.

In Carleda’s former apartment, their shower leaked so bad that when they showered, water would leak down through the floor and into the room below. This was just one of many issues Carleda and her family had to deal with while paying a high cost of rent. In another instance their sewer backed up through the kitchen sink where they cook their meals. With the safety of her children being of the utmost importance, moving into their Habitat home couldn’t have come at a better time.

Carleda’s son, Jamireon, exploring his new home for the first time

For practically the same as she paid to rent this troubled two-bedroom apartment, Carleda was able to afford to build a brand new home with enough room for her three children. Since the moment Carleda was accepted into Habitat’s affordable home ownership program, she says all her kids could talk about was having a home of their own. Her youngest son, Jamireon, was particularly excited to have a backyard for the first time. Carleda says she has plans to put in a swing set.

“This is going to be a new start for me and my children,” says Carleda. “We’re going to be able to build a future here.”

We couldn’t have made safe, affordable homeownership possible for Carleda without the support of people like you. As we celebrate this milestone in her family’s life, we’re reminded that even before the pandemic 1 in 3 Milwaukee families couldn’t afford the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in our city. Our staff is working hard to ensure more local families join Carleda in having a safe, affordable place to rest their heads at night.

Several families are finalizing the closing of their Habitat homes this June, while our team has begun framing more homes in the Midtown neighborhood. We also anticipate completing 10-15 critical home repair projects this month, helping local families stay safe in their homes. Though we all can’t physically be with these families during this pandemic, know that your support continues to make a difference in our city. Thank you.

If it’s within your capacity, please consider making a gift to help local families in need of safe, affordable housing.
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