Good News Tues. – May 12th

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.”– St. Francis of Assisi

This pandemic has forced all of us to adapt, collaborate and resolve in ways we never have before. In response to the suffering and struggle, our community is stepping up to support one-another. From small gestures like drive-by birthday celebrations to businesses adapting to produce safety supplies for those in need, we truly are all in this together. So, when a local manufacturer committed to donating the supplies to make millions of face masks for our community, we at Milwaukee Habitat said: “How can we help?”

If you have to leave your home, a simple mask over your nose and mouth can save lives, prevent illness from COVID-19, and reduce the length and severity of this pandemic. It’s not just for your own protection –  you’re protecting others, especially the most vulnerable people, like the elderly and those with medical issues.

With the areas we serve being some of the hardest hit in the state, Milwaukee Habitat volunteers have distributed more than 200,000 masks to 124 local organizations in just under two weeks. Volunteers, like board treasurer Craig Hahn, have been answering the call from local food pantries, community-support organizations, and nursing homes that’ve made requests for these life-saving masks.

Milwaukee Habitat joined the cause spearheaded by Saukville-based manufacturer Rebel Converting. Along with the Medical College of Wisconsin, United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County, the Milwaukee Bucks and other partner organizations, we teamed up to #MaskUPMKE.

The mask materials were produced and donated by Rebel Converting, then assembled by volunteers. Going above and beyond, our Volunteer and ReStore staff teamed up to create a logistics plan to deliver masks to those in need. Altogether, the goal of #MaskUPMKE is to get 3.5 million masks into the hands of those who need them, free of charge.

Request free masks for your organization here! Want to get involved? We’re in need of volunteers to assemble masks at home.
As this important project continues, our number one priority remains the safety and security of local families in need of affordable housing. Help us today!