Good News Tues. – May 19th

There’s a lot of bad news going around these days. It can feel overwhelming at times. So, we wanted to take a moment to share a little joy and hope from our Habitat family to yours. Here’s hoping this brings a little light to your day. 

From a very young age, Alishea aspired to one day become a homeowner. “Growing up we rented from a HUD [Housing & Urban Development] project and I always dreamed of buying my parents a home of their own,” says Alishea, “Unfortunately, both my parents are gone, but I know they’d be proud to see me do this for my kids.”

A single mother of two, Alishea strives to be an inspiration for her children. Just prior to being accepted into Habitat’s affordable home ownership program, Alishea completed her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. After watching his mother’s graduation, Alishea’s young son Jamari pledged, “I want to go Princeton.” Alishea said that her degree was the first thing she hung on the wall in her new Habitat home.

Alishea’s home is a previously city-owned abandoned foreclosure. Thanks to your support Milwaukee Habitat staff, volunteers and Alishea helped restore the neighborhood nuisance back into a safe, stable family home. The empty lot next to Alishea’s home was also purchased by Milwaukee Habitat. Luck would have it that Alishea’s longtime friend, Rishonda, was accepted into the program and was able to build her family’s brand new Habitat home at the same time Alishea was rehabbing her own. 

In the truest spirit of neighbors helping neighbors, the two helped each other build. All Habitat homeowners are required to complete hundreds of “sweat equity” hours building their own homes and the homes of their neighbors. But what made this even more special was knowing that their children would grow up next door to each other. This is the power of home and this is the power of our community coming together.

Longtime friends and neighbors Alishea (left) and Rishonda (right)

If it’s within your capacity, please consider making a gift to help more families like Alishea’s. With one of our largest fundraisers partially closed (Habitat ReStore) our friends at Accunet Mortgage stepped up to help. They’re matching all donations up to $25,000. Double your gift today!

WATCH: The emotional moment when Alishea gets the keys to her new home