Gusty Windows Cause High Utility Bills for Milwaukee Homeowner

Gusty Windows Cause High Utility Bills for Milwaukee Homeowner

Olivia needed a window repair, and was familiar with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. When she saw Milwaukee Habitat working in her neighborhood, she went to talk to the workers on site.

“I’m miss nosy,” Olivia said. “I befriended the guys on [a Habitat] site and they told me [they did critical repairs].”

That’s when Olivia learned about the Milwaukee Habitat Critical Home Repair Program. 

She decided to apply and qualified to get her windows repaired. Through the program, homeowners are able to get an affordable loan for the repair and up to 80% of the project costs could be covered based on one’s income.

With the affordable loan, Olivia is replacing her old gusty windows. She needs this repair quickly as wind is currently coming in through her windows and she says that you can see the curtains move when the wind blows. 

She is most looking forward to the windows in the living room and dining room being replaced. Because of the cold wind leaking into both rooms from the windows, people, including herself, do not want to spend time in those rooms. However, if people do spend time there, she has to increase the heat, which means higher utility bills.

She is looking forward to feeling warm in her home and having a comfortable space to spend time and socialize with others.

Olivia is also excited about partnering with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity for these repairs because she trusts Milwaukee Habitat’s ability to do the repairs well. She enjoys construction and likes to build things herself. She has built things for her patio as well as a serving table. 

“I like construction. Because Habitat is a builder, [the repair] is going to be done properly,” Olivia said. “That’s my take. If you’ve built it, you know how to fix it. They have integrity because of that and I’ve seen them do it.”

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