“I can look out the window again”

“I can look out the window again”

Every winter, Rose spends time putting plastic over her windows to prevent cold air from coming into her home. Despite her efforts, cold air seeps in and causes an uncomfortable environment and a large heating bill. 

After she got a letter in the mail about Milwaukee Habitat’s Critical Home Repair Program, she was hopeful she would qualify to get her windows fixed at an affordable price. 

“I thought I can try it,” Rose said about applying for the program. “I lose nothing. They accept me or they don’t.” 

Three weeks after applying, she was accepted into the program.

Rose is partnering with Milwaukee Habitat for these repairs, and is now able to get them at an affordable price. Through the Milwaukee Habitat Critical Home Repair Program, homeowners can get up to 80% of the project costs covered based on income, a 0% interest loan on repairs, and flexible repayment options.

Rose has six children and although none of them live in the house anymore, they care about their mother’s safety and frequently check in with their mom on the status of her damaged windows. 

When the repairs are done, her children can be more comfortable knowing their mom will have a warm home in the winter. Rose can also decorate her home how she wants, rather than constantly worrying about the safety and functionality of her windows.

“I’m thinking of new curtains,” Rose said. “I could rearrange furniture. I can do what I want to do and [the repair] will mean a lot to me. I can look out the window again.”

Not only will Rose feel physically more comfortable in her home, she will also feel more emotionally and financially comfortable.

“I’m not nervous; I’m not thinking that I won’t be able to pay [my heating bill] or that they will take my house,” Rose said. “I have peace about it within my soul.”

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