Jeannie’s Preparing For Homeownership

Jeannie’s Preparing For Homeownership

After moving around to a few different cities throughout her adult life, Jeannie decided she wanted to put down roots in Milwaukee. She’s been living in the area for about seven years and began researching the opportunity to buy her first home.

 “I was looking at non-traditional [home-buying] means,” says Jeannie. “I looked at ACTS and Habitat and they offered the support and structure that I really need.”

Milwaukee Habitat’s homeownership program is designed exclusively for first-time homebuyers. Making the jump from renting to owning comes with a host of new learnings about finances, home maintenance, and the housing market. Milwaukee Habitat’s affordable homeownership program includes financial education and home maintenance courses to prepare first-time buyers to be successful in their journey.

Jeannie maintained that Habitat provided her with the best opportunity within her budget.

“Habitat was one of the few ways available to me to buy a brand new house,” says Jeannie. “The fact that I can get a brand new house that’s energy efficient is a big plus.”

First-time homebuyers like Jeannie can purchase a Milwaukee Habitat home with little to no down payment. And the mortgage is typically less than $950 per month.

“With trends of how rents are rising, it’d be nice to have something of my own,” says Jeannie.

Rental prices spiked coming out of the pandemic and Wisconsin families are feeling some of the steepest hikes in the nation. An article by PBS Wisconsin noted the average monthly costs for 1- and 3- bedroom rentals in Wisconsin have jumped by as much as 25% since 2021.

Jeannie noted that when she first moved to Milwaukee that rent was much more affordable, but it’d become increasingly difficult to find the same amount of space or features in her price range.

The three-bedroom home she’s building in Milwaukee’s Midtown neighborhood is going to offer her the additional room to add a guest room and potentially an art studio. She’s looking forward to welcoming family and friends into town and having them stay at her brand new home.

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