Keeping the Block Clean

Keeping the Block Clean

Since moving into her home, Margie has not felt comfortable to sit on her porch. It is not currently in a safe condition for her to use.

“I’m not comfortable on my porch. It’s rubber. It has dips in it. I don’t go out there. That’s why I chose Habitat for Humanity,” Margie said. 

Margie is partnering with Milwaukee Habitat for these repairs, and is now able to get them at a price that works for her. Through the Milwaukee Habitat Critical Home Repair Program, homeowners can get up to 80% of the project costs covered based on income, a 0% interest loan on repairs, and flexible repayment options.

Not only are there issues with her porch, but her garage also needs repairs. The garage door is off the hinges and the side door to the garage is rotten at the bottom.

Once the repairs to her garage are completed, Margie can safely store her car there.

“[The repair is going to mean] I can use my garage. I’m retired. Sometimes I don’t move my car,” Margie said. “[With a fixed garage], I don’t have to worry about it. The car just stays in the garage.”

Margie is looking forward to getting these repairs done not only so she can feel safe to use her garage and porch, but also to help keep up her neighborhood. 

“It’s quiet,” Margie said, talking about her neighborhood. “People keep their grass cut. It’s nice. It’s pretty clean.”

Margie is determined to keep it that way.

“I’m a stickler…the landlord next door threw stuff off the porch into the backyard. I called the alderman. I’m gonna have a clean block,” Margie said.

With her repairs underway, Margie is keeping her neighborhood and her home clean and safe. She is grateful for Milwaukee Habitat’s partnership and hopes others in her neighborhood can benefit from the program.

“[Milwaukee Habitat] is an organization that helps people,” Margie said. “And I like that.”

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