Komatsu employees help resettled refugees build safe, affordable homes in Midtown

This month Komatsu employees were in the heart of the Midtown neighborhood with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity helping two families of resettled refugees establish a safe, stable place to live after years of instability.

The families identify as Karen (ka-RIN) and are originally from the Kayin state of Myanmar. After being forced from their homes due to civil war they spent years living in Thai refugee camps, enduring makeshift shelters and poor living conditions. With help from Habitat and Komatsu, these families are now able to afford to build brand new homes for their families. 

Htoo Kpaw helps to build his future home

“The struggles these families have overcome to reach a day like today is nothing short of extraordinary,” says Jake Brandt, Marketing Director with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. “After fleeing violent civil war and spending years living in Thai refugee camps, today these families are building the foundation for a brighter future.”

Like all Milwaukee Habitat families, Klo Htoo Paw & Eh Moo Paw and Htoo Kpaw & San Oo are working alongside volunteers to build their homes and will pay an affordable mortgage.

The families are working alongside Komatsu employees who have served significant time helping local families in need of safe, affordable housing. Since 2011, Komatsu employees have served more than 10,000 hours on Milwaukee Habitat build sites and these homes will be the 22nd and 23rd they’ve sponsored in that time. The company has exceeded $1.5 million in financial support for Milwaukee Habitat since 2011 and prioritizes contributing to helping developing communities become self-sustaining and prosperous.