Justina’s Investment in Equity & Community

Justina’s Investment in Equity & Community

“All my life I’ve been a part of a family that rented,” says Justina. “My parents rented, my grandparents rented, my aunties rented.”

Justina recalls growing up in these rental properties. The landlords weren’t always responsive and they didn’t have the freedom to make the house their own as much as they would have liked. 

Now, Justina is paving the way to building equity in a home she can truly call her own. Through Milwaukee Habitat’s affordable homeownership program Justina will be purchasing a three bedroom home in Milwaukee’s Midtown neighborhood.  

“I plan to be here long term,” she says. “Instead of giving money to a landlord, I will invest in my own equity.”

She also sees this as an opportunity to invest in her community. Working as a Victim Advocate in Milwaukee’s DA Office, Justina has a passion for giving back. As she researched homeownership opportunities, she loved how Habitat was investing in the communities where her family lives. Justina has family just two blocks away from her future home. 

When she looked at alternative homeownership options on the open market, Justina encountered barriers that all too many face when trying to make the transition from renting to homeownership.

“I ran into high interest rates and homes weren’t affordable,” she said. “Lenders didn’t want to work with buyers so it really was a hassle.”

Justina appreciates that Milwaukee Habitat prepares first-time homebuyers to be successful through financial education and home maintenance courses.

When she becomes a homeowner Justina can’t wait to host family holidays. She comes from a large family, with nine siblings. She’s most looking forward to hosting her family’s annual Thanksgiving celebration.

“I’m the cook in the family,” she says. “I’ll be cooking yams, pot roast, greens, really everything.”

With a little help from supporters like you, Justina is breaking the cycle of renting and building the foundation for a future where she invests in herself. 

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