Meet 2021’s Women Build Family

Meet Tanika, 2021’s Women Build Family

For most people, whether they rent or own, housing is their largest expense. While splurging here and there on a vacation or for that new piece of technology may be a temporary drain on resources, over spending on housing can put families in a serious financial dilemma. This is something that future homeowner, Tanika, is acutely aware of.

“I decided to go with Habitat because I know my home won’t exceed 30% of my income,” she said. “I’ll be able to save more.”

30% of income is widely recognized as the threshold for affordable housing. Those paying higher are considered cost-burdened. While those paying more than 50% of their income are considered severely cost-burdened. Unfortunately in our city, one in three Milwaukee renters are severely cost-burdened. Even though housing is often our largest expense, it’s far from our only expense. Between food, healthcare, and paying other bills many cost-burdened renters find it extremely difficult to save for the future.

Habitat’s affordable homeownership program is designed specifically with this is mind. Habitat families’ mortgages don’t exceed 30% of their income. A typical mortgage payment averages between $600-$800 per month. This financial stability opens new opportunities for families like Tanika’s.

“This will allow me to go back to school,” she says. “My goal is to get my degree in Business Administration and Communications.”

We’re a little over $6,000 short of reaching our goal to fund the materials to build Tanika’s home. Will you help us? A gift of any size makes a difference! GIVE HERE

As a mother of two, Tanika also knows this home will make her children’s lives better. She sees them growing up in this house and experiencing the benefits of homeownership. She hopes to set an example for her kids to understand that ‘I can do this.’

Tanika will be the first of her siblings to become a homeowner.

“I never thought that I’d be saying that I’d be a home buyer,” she admits.

When she gets the keys to her home for the first time, Tanika anticipates it will be one of her proudest moments.

Help Tanika become a first time home buyer by giving directly or by supporting one of the fundraising teams by clicking DONATE TO WOMEN BUILD, scrolling to the bottom of that page and selecting a team to support.
This is your last chance to join Women Build! Create a team of five and work together to raise $1000 towards the 2021 Women Build home. During Women Build week (Aug 11-14) teams of women will come together on our build sites for an exclusive construction volunteer opportunity. Teams must register by July 15th.