Midtown 100

One Neighborhood. One Hundred Homes. One Goal: Serve The Most Families In Our History.

Milwaukee looks very different since we built our first home in 1984. Today, hardworking families are finding it increasingly difficult to afford a place to call home. Property values have fallen dramatically, particularly in areas of lower income families. At the same time, the price to rent is higher than ever. Nearly 60% of Milwaukee renters are living in unaffordable housing.

Midtown 100 combats our city’s affordable housing crisis by more than doubling the number of families Habitat serves each year. Through groundbreaking partnerships with community-focused organizations, we will dramatically increase homeownership opportunities while helping current residents stay in their homes. With your help, more families than ever before will be able to build a foundation for a better life.

Neighborhood Revitalization | 2018-2020

    • With your support, Milwaukee Habitat will serve more families per year than ever before through new construction, rehabs and critical repairs.
    • Your investment also builds homeowner networks, improves health and safety, and supports beautification projects throughout Midtown.
    • Replicate the 48% decrease in crime on the blocks where we built in the Washington Park neighborhood.
    • Transform blocks of empty lots in Midtown into the highest concentration of affordable single-family homes built in Milwaukee since WWII.



  • Midtown 100 is ambitious.
    We will invest more than $10.3M to build, rehab and repair 100 homes over three years.
  • Midtown 100 is holistic.
    We will prepare families for homeownership, strengthen homeowner networks, and beautify entire blocks.
  • Midtown 100 is leveraged.
    We’ve partnered with a community bank to purchase mortgages at closing, immediately creating more homeownership opportunities for families in need.
  • Midtown 100 is a sound investment.
    We need your help to secure $6.8M from individual donors, corporations, and other organizations to serve 100 families in the next three years.


Habitat for Humanity breaks ground on Midtown 100

Watch: Milwaukee Habitat breaks ground on a plan to build, rehab and repair 100 homes in the Midtown neighborhood over the next three years. http://via.fox6now.com/BQIZw

Posted by FOX6 News Milwaukee on Wednesday, March 21, 2018



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