More Space For A Growing Family

More Space For A Growing Family

With a growing family, Malik was ready to make the move out of his two bedroom apartment to something with more space. In the past couple of years, Malik has become the proud father of two boys: Malik Jr. and Isiah. As you can imagine, Malik says his young children keep him busy. He was in search of a home where they can grow and prosper. 

“I want them to always have a home,” says Malik. “Somewhere they can cherish memories.”

Malik says their current apartment doesn’t have any space where the boys can play outside. That’s all about to change as Malik is building a brand new, three bedroom home in the Harambee neighborhood. The home is one of nine homes that Milwaukee Habitat is building this year on the same block on North 6th street. It will be complete with a fenced-in backyard, perfect for his two boys.

“They’ll be able to have the space to run and enjoy the fresh air,” he says.

Malik says that he’s always wanted to become a homeowner, but like many first-time buyers, didn’t know the best way to go about accomplishing that goal. A few of his co-workers had recently built Habitat homes of their own and they spoke highly of the program. He loved how they were able to build their homes from the ground up. With some additional encouragement from his mother, who just became a homeowner herself, Malik applied for Habitat’s affordable homeownership program.

Finding a home that’s affordable and suitable for a family is becoming increasingly difficult as housing prices continue to rise. Malik’s currently spending $1200 per month to rent his apartment. Habitat’s affordable mortgage will likely decrease his monthly housing expenditures by $300 or more. That type of savings can really add up over the course of a year.

“I’m going to put [the savings] away for a rainy day fund,” Malik says. “Stuff breaks down, things happen, and having those extra funds will save a lot of time and effort.”

As his boys grow up in this home, Malik is proud to lead by example.

“I’m showing them that I can own something,” he says. “Being able to thrive and live the way that I want to live. It’s exciting to know I’m about to reach the end goal.”

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