Neighborhood Revitalization

Beason FamilyCommunities involved in neighborhood revitalization, please consider submitting a letter of interest to Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity expressing your community’s desire to partner together to meet your housing and safety goals.

Anticipated timeframe for Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity to transition into the next great neighborhood will be 2018.

Milwaukee Habitat’s Revitalization Goals:

  • To serve more families by providing safe, decent, affordable housing with an expanded array of housing and community development tools.
  • To respond to community aspirations with the mission of empowering residents to revive their neighborhoods and enhance the quality of life.

Milwaukee Habitats Needs:

  • A strong mix of properties for acquisition and rehab and vacant spaces for infill. Approximately 75-100 opportunities over a 3-4 year period.
  • A strong neighborhood group that meets regularly to discuss and develop plans around resident needs, specifically safety concerns.
  • An organization/group to identify a part of their service area where the residents WANT Habitat’s work and are willing to support it. This is not a check list but ideas around the level of partnership we want with the community:May Blitz Webslide
    • Support and protect the build sites and our equipment.
    • Identify homeowners that may need repairs done to their house.
    • Recruit qualified applicants who would be good neighbors for the homeownership program.
    • Help us celebrate the attainment of our collective goals (e.g., crime went down 10%, let’s do an ice cream social!)

Considering the information shared above please:

  • In a few paragraphs describe your organization or group. Describe your mission, history and structure. Please state if you are a
  • Include a one to two paragraph statement of need. Who do you serve, where would you want us to focus and what are the challenges in that area.
  • In an additional paragraph please list any planning tools you currently are using: Sustainability plans, City of Milwaukee Redevelopment, Quality of Life Plans, neighborhood standards, resident surveys.
  • If applicable, please list any partnership activity that took place or will be happening in your area.

Please submit your letter of interest by July 25th at 5pm to:

Hannah Harris/LOI
Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity
3726 N. Booth, Milwaukee, WI 53212
or email to

Only the top organizations/groups whose letters best fit with our goals will be contacted to complete the full application.