Opening a Business

Opening a Business

As the cost of living increases, Princena wanted to invest in something that she could rely on and leave behind for her children. She applied to become a Milwaukee Habitat homeowner, and after working with our family services team, she was accepted into the program. 

Princena is the first person in her immediate family to become a homeowner. 

Princena moved into her home in the spring. Every time a Milwaukee Habitat homeowner moves into their home, we host a home dedication celebration. Along with family, friends, coworkers, Habitat staff, volunteers, and sponsors, we celebrated Princena’s journey to homeownership.

When discussing the application process at her dedication, Princena shared that she was not initially accepted into the program. However, Mirella, Milwaukee Habitat Homeownership Program Manager, helped her figure out how to make the dream of homeownership become a reality.

Princena shared:

Mirella was like ‘go get that handled and come back.’ So I went and got that taken care of within that week and I came right back and she was like ‘that was fast!’ Then after the application she called me and was like ‘okay, you’re approved.’ I was so happy. 

Princena also shared how owning a home is helping her accomplish her dream of owning a baking business.

I also have other things going on. I graduate in June with my business degree. Buying a new home, graduating, and I’m working on opening up my own business. I bake treats; I make cakes and stuff for different parties and Valentine’s Day and stuff like that. I have a lot going on. 

Princena discussing her baking business with Michael Emem, CEO of Emem Group.

Princena talking to Michael Emem, CEO of Emem Group, about her baking business at our Groundbreaking Event in June. Princena baked 150 cookies for the guests of the event.

I have a new kitchen, a bigger kitchen. It’s more room; it’s big. We’re not used to this coming from a two bedroom apartment. When I call the kids I have to remember she’s all the way upstairs so I’ll have to ask ‘did you hear me?’ and she’s like ‘mom, we’re not right across the hall from each other no more. I’m all the way upstairs.’ 

It’s real nice. We love it. It’s something we gotta get used to because we’re not used to this big of a house. 

My neighbors, we know each other. When they see me come in, they say ‘welcome neighbor.’

Princena and her children

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