Plant Share Empowers Homeowners

Plant Share Empowers Homeowners

During the week leading up to June 3rd, the Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity parking lot slowly began to fill with plants. Dozens of types of vegetables and flowers took over a corner of the lot waiting to be planted in the yard of a Habitat home. 

Around 8am on June 3rd, Habitat homeowners lined up outside the parking lot and waited until the doors opened for the 18th annual plant share.

The annual plant share is a time for Habitat homeowners to gather and pick out plants to create or expand their gardens. 

Once the event officially started, homeowners walked around the parking lot and picked out which vegetables, flowers, or herbs they wanted to bring home to their garden. All of the plants are free to Habitat homeowners. 

The plants are donated from Milwaukee District Garden Clubs and several local shops and groups. Volunteers from these organizations come to answer questions and provide expert gardening advice.

Cindy on the left; Debra on the right

Debra, one of the volunteers, helped homeowners put together flower pots. 

“The magic of growing things is so powerful,” Debra said. “I’m glad we get to share that with Habitat homeowners.” 

Cindy, a Milwaukee Habitat homeowner said that Debra helped her with growing her first tomatoes. 

“She told me how to grow them,” Cindy said. “She gave me all the tools to help me.”

Every year, Habitat homeowners look forward to this event so that they can grow their gardens and beautify the outside of their homes. Not only is it a time to pick out plants and learn about gardening, but it is also a time for Habitat homeowners to connect with each other and bond over their Habitat homeownership experience. Some homeowners have been coming to the annual plant share since the first one.

“How long have you been doing [the plant share]?” Cindy said. “Well, that’s when I came. I’ve been coming since the beginning.”

Not only is the day important to homeowners, but also to the volunteers. 

“We want to help beautify the outside of the home,” Debra said. “We want to help improve their lives in other ways. I’m privileged to be here.”

To some homeowners, this event is about more than just gardening and plants. It is about pride in homeownership.

“It empowers us as a homeowner,” Cindy said. 

Thank you to the following organizations for your donations:

Milwaukee District Garden Clubs 

Kellner Greenhouse 

Heydens Greenhouse Inc 

Shady Lane Greenhouses 

Fred’s Garden Center 

W&E Radtke 

Custom Grown Greenhouses 

Mayfield Nursery 

Fruit of the Bloom Garden Center 

Ozaukee Master Gardeners 

Brookfield Congregational Church

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