ReStore donations help single mom find safe, affordable housing

ReStore donations help single mom find safe, affordable housing

Habitat’s ReStore in Franklin will celebrate their 1 year anniversary later this month. To commemorate the anniversary they’re trying to reach $1 million in donations by Saturday, April 23rd. The proceeds from donations of gently used items are invested right into our community, helping families like Sierra’s. 

For Sierra, homeownership is all about providing a safe, stable home for her 9-year-old son Daevon. For the past three years they’ve been renting an apartment in Glendale. However, Sierra’s been far from satisfied with how her landlord has been maintaining the property.

“The apartment doesn’t have any (interior) doors and the ceiling is falling,” she says. “I just want a safe place to raise my son.”

Through Habitat’s affordable homeownership program, Sierra is building a brand new three-bedroom home in Milwaukee’s Harambee neighborhood. She’ll work alongside volunteers to build a space where she won’t have to worry about a deteriorating ceiling or a neglectful landlord.

Sierra has been searching for an alternative to her apartment on the open market, but didn’t find

anything that suited her family’s needs or budget. It wasn’t until a family member told her about Habitat that she realized she wouldn’t have to compromise on safety to afford a home of her own.

“Habitat made homeownership a possibility,” she said.

Sierra sees this as an opportunity to build stability for Daevon. As rent prices rise year after year, it can force families to move frequently, searching for a place they can afford. With Habitat’s affordable mortgage, families lock in a low monthly mortgage payment for the duration of their loan. This creates both financial and physical stability. In fact, Milwaukee Habitat homeowners stay in their homes an average of 13 years. That’s compared to renters, who average just 2.3 years in one location.

“As a single mom with one son, I want something long term,” she says. “(Daevon) can stay in the same school.”

Daevon can’t wait to move into their new home. When Sierra broke the news that they had been approved for a brand new home, she said Daevon was already ready to pack his bags.

You can help more families in need of affordable housing by donating gently used items to Habitat for Humanity ReStore. 

Help ReStore Franklin reach $1 million in donated items by their 1 year anniversary! Donate by Saturday, April 23rd!

Donate gently used furniture, appliances, home goods and more to support our work to make the cost of home something we all can afford.
Drop off your furniture, appliances, home goods and more to ReStore Franklin to help reach $1 million in donated items by their 1 year anniversary!
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