Sargento Builds 30th Home With Milwaukee Habitat

Sargento Foods Inc. and employee volunteers teamed up with a future Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity homeowner to build the company’s 30th Habitat home in the Milwaukee area. Sargento has partnered with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity for 27 years and was the organization’s first corporate sponsor.

Throughout July, employees were on site working alongside future homeowner, DaVontae, to frame his home. The build is part of a multi-year commitment from Sargento to the Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity Midtown 100 project. Since 1992, Sargento has donated over $1.7 million dollars and 13,372 volunteer hours to help Habitat combat Milwaukee’s affordable housing crisis. The contribution has helped Milwaukee Habitat more than double the number of families they serve each year.

Habitat for Humanity homeowners help build their own homes and pay an affordable mortgage, made possible because of supporters like Sargento Foods Inc.

For DaVontae, homeownership is about building a foundation for the future. This is more than just four walls and roof. Homeownership means building equity. Homeownership means independence. And most importantly homeownership means building a safe, stable place for his toddler to grow up.

“I want {Messiah} to have his own yard where he can run and feel free,” he says. “He’ll have his own space, with room for all his toys.”

DaVontae see’s homeownership as a way to build equity for the future. He says that Habitat offers him a path to learn how to become a successful homeowner, something he sees as an investment that will pay off in the future.

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