Something Worth Fighting For

Something Worth Fighting For

Canience understood the profound significance of homeownership, recognizing it as something worth fighting for. To her, it was more than property ownership; it was a cornerstone for her children’s well-being and future.

Before finding Milwaukee Habitat, Canience struggled to make this dream a reality. She was denied affordable loans and could not find affordable mortgage options. For Canience and many others, large down payments, the rising cost of housing, and denial of affordable loans are making it nearly impossible to escape the cycle of rising rent. 

Canience has always had a savings account and works hard to consistently put money away for a rainy day. However, because of these barriers, the pursuit of homeownership necessitated a substantial increase in her savings. She has always put her children first and knew that in order to save more money, she would need to give up things that bring her joy. 

“It was hard,” Canience said. “Every weekend I couldn’t go out [with family or friends because] I needed to save money. I didn’t have nails or hair done. I didn’t feel like myself. It’s not an easy thing to do to try to enjoy life. [But, I’m] fighting for something.”

Despite all this work and effort, the skyrocketing costs of the housing market prevented her from getting affordable financing and becoming a homeowner. Then, her mother suggested she apply for the Milwaukee Habitat Affordable Homeownership Program. 

Milwaukee Habitat is helping Canience achieve what she had been working so hard for. Our program was a perfect fit for Canience and her family. To build and buy a new Milwaukee Habitat home, little to no down payment is required, closing costs are low, and the home loan will not exceed 30% of a family’s income – widely recognized as the threshold for affordable housing.  Canience has worked hard to become a homeowner, and our program helped make homeownership accessible for her and her kids. 

Canience and her children will soon move into a four bedroom Habitat home and pay an affordable mortgage.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own home. Since I have kids, I want to leave something to them,” Canience said. “[I see it as a good investment] because then it’s my kid’s future.”

With a 15-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son, Canience found her children eagerly envisioning their future home. Her daughter, skilled in eyelash treatments, dreams of setting up a lash bed for her friends, while her son envisioned a room with black walls decorated with sports memorabilia. Canience says they are both ready to move in and live in their new home.

“[The home] is more for my kids than anything,” Canience said. ““[It will be] a breath of fresh air. I just want to see the smile on my kid’s face.”

Canience has a lot of plans for the home. Canience and her children have longed for a backyard, a luxury absent in their current rented townhouse, and are eager to host barbecues – a popular event within their family.

“In my family, I’m the party planner,” Canience said. “[I plan] all the holidays, all the family gatherings and trips. The cousins are already excited. Everybody is excited. I’m very family oriented.”

Her family and friends, especially her mother, have been a cornerstone of support throughout Canience’s journey towards homeownership. Her mother and her best friend are the ones who pushed her to apply for the Habitat homeownership program.

As she stands on the cusp of homeownership, Canience is ready to embrace the responsibilities it entails. She has worked hard to qualify for Habitat’s homeownership program and will continue to work hard as a homeowner for herself, her home, and her kids.

“I think [this home will mean] peace. Peaceful for myself,’ Canience said. “Something I’ve always wanted to accomplish. [I can say] I did it. You did it, Canience. It’s a big accomplishment. Let me show everyone I did it. [I’ll need to] sit there and take it all in. I might shed a tear, and I’m not a crier.”

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