Strength, resilience and love – Aiesha’s journey to homeownership

Strength, resilience and love – Aiesha’s journey to homeownership

Strength, resilience and love exude from Aiesha as she describes her journey to homeownership. Moments after signing the papers to her future home on North 3rd street in Harambee, Aiesha reflected on what it’s taken to get to this juncture in her life.

“My mom was a single parent growing up and the struggle was hard,” she said. “I promised that if I had kids I would never want them to struggle. I had to give my kids something better than I had.”

Now, as a single mother of two, she’s continuing to follow through on that promise. Aiesha is building a brand new three-bedroom home for her family, an asset she hopes will offer stability for generations to come.

“I can’t live everyday paycheck to paycheck,” she says. “I’m 33 and have been working hard to have something to leave my kids.”

Aiesha’s journey to homeownership has been one of strength and resilience. In her early 20’s she battled through two bouts of cancer. She’s been robbed and assaulted in her own building. The move to homeownership represents safety and stability for her family going forward. But for all too many families in Milwaukee, homeownership seems out of reach.

Aiesha is paying a large amount of her monthly income on rent. The high cost of housing in our city makes it extremely difficult for families to break down the barriers to homeownership like large down payments or access to affordable loans. With a hand up from our supporters, Aiesha will not only become a first-time homebuyer, but her housing expenses may be cut in half. 

The savings will help Aiesha complete her degree. She recently enrolled back in college with a focus on Business Management. Her children, Auri and RaMir, are at the heart of her drive to succeed.

“I see our life changing dramatically,” she says. “God can put you in the most amazing position that can help you grow.”

At 10 and three years old, Aiesha’s kids are in for quite the surprise. She’s yet to let them know about the home and plans for a big reveal.

“My 10 year old is going to be so happy to have his own room,” she says.

As the leaves start to fall, Aiesha reflected on what it’s going to mean to have their first Christmas in their own home. Tears began to roll down her cheek as she imagined, “It’s going to be overwhelming.” 

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