Strengthen Milwaukee

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Two years ago, demolition work began on Milwaukee Habitat’s first complete rehab project in over a decade. Amy and her children moved into the former boarded-up duplex in 2014.

“Being a homeowner is wonderful; I can breathe much easier. The mortgage payments are less than what I paid for the low-income apartment we rented.” Amy said.

Amy expressed that her children have benefited from homeownership as well. “The children are definitely much more focused and performing better in school.” She believes that part of it could be that they know they are stable now. “We’re in our forever home.”

Milwaukee Habitat has completed 8 additional full-gut rehabs, and we are starting 5 more in 2016.  Breathing new life into these homes is a far better outcome than demolition or continued decay.

“We can build new houses around the foreclosures in the Washington Park neighborhood, but if they continue to attract crime and bring down property values; that’s not a solution or a safe situation for our partner families.” Brian Sonderman, Executive Director.Amy North before Web PicAmy North after Web Pic

This is not just about one house.
It’s about a neighborhood and the people who live nearby.
It is an investment in the strength of Milwaukee.

Affordable housing is in reach for hardworking, low-income families, but they need your help today! One of our annual donor recognition clubs, The Square Foot Club, represents our approximate cost to build one square foot of our new construction and fully rehabbed homes.

You can empower families like Amy’s in a tangible and rewarding way. It will be a blessing in the lives of children hoping for a place to call home.

This spring, your gift will go even further.
Thanks to the generosity of Lowe’s, every gift will be matched,
dollar-for-dollar, until June 1, 2016.